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“Fly High Fishing” is a VR fantasy bow-fishing game set within a hot air balloon high above the clouds. The player’s task is to catch as many fish as they can with their bow & arrow before the timer runs out.



☆ William Hopkins | itch.io

★ Jake Stephens | itch.io | LinkedIn

☆ Flynn Van Stryp | itch.io


☆ Jazmin Fazzolari | socials

★ Calvin Soueid | portfolio | LinkedIn | itch.io

☆ Marcus Ellis | itch.io


☆ Aislinn (Ayvee) Smith | itch.io | portfolio | artstationtwitter

★ Connor Mckinnon | itch.ioartstation

☆ Anais Robert |  itch.io | artstation

Install instructions

Once downloaded, you will need to unzip the file (7-zip is a free option for this). After extracting the APK file from the folder, using Oculus Developer Hub, with your Oculus Quest 2 connected to the PC via AirLink or Cable, load the APK through onto the headset by dragging the APK file onto the Developer Hub window.

Keep in mind this game was built for the Oculus 2 and is not compatible with other hardware. 


FlyHighFishingV12.apk 44 MB

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